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June 16, 2022 - 

New Membership Inquiries

     We are currently on a Moratorium for installing any new water taps at this time. You may apply for a new membership by paying a $150 Service Inquiry fee that will hold your place in line on a first come, first serve basis. Once we are able to add new water taps your Service inquiry will go towards your full membership package of $1600 and we will move forward with the membership process.

    We do not have a scheduled date when the Moratorium will be lifted and cannot promise any time frame. It is based on receiving funding for our projects that will resolve our water shortage so that we can supply more water to our District. 

Voted in by the Board of Directors June 16, 2022

    On May 4th, 2022 Okmulgee County Rural Water District #2 was hit with a major storm and suffered major flash flooding causing the District to go into an Emergency Protocol. Under these circumstances a deficiency was discovered in the system due to compounded leaks causing outages to parts of the Twin Hills Community as well as areas in and around Preston that underwent temporary outages to maintain the system. The Twin Hills community has suffered in more than one storm in 2 years causing some outages for up to 14 days. Findings show that ORWD2 cannot keep up supply and demand to these areas under these types of circumstances as well as with any simulated major leak. Due to these findings, ORWD2 has suspended new memberships until further notice, until proposed upgrades to the system are finalized and funding is in place.

    Okmulgee Rural Water District 2 will suspend new membership applications until further notice. Service Inquiries will be taken and put in a hold status on a first come first serve basis and accepted after Moratorium has been lifted.